“Defeated Time”

Gama Gallery Istanbul will be presenting Gulderen Depas’ works, with an exhibition called: “Defeated Time”. It took 3 years to be completed, and it will be on show from November 9 – 30, 2016.


Portraying talented, ambitious and passionate women such as: Hannah Höch, Mata Hari, Maria Callas and Sophie Scholl, Depas presents the portraits of these hardworking and brave women with brightly lit LED frames. The works are first painted with oil paints, and after, the digital print of the painting is produced. Depas further goes on to Oil paint over the digital print. When the lights are turned on, the destruction underneath comes out into the open. This destruction encompasses the terrors of everyday life, war and the destruction of nature by humanity. The nature of Capitalism in modern day society: the destruction of nature and peace for wealth and self-interests are shown in Depas’ works. When the lights are off, no one can see this destruction. It lays dormant until it is too late.


For the last three years, Gulderen Depas’ works have been inspired not only by the terror and destruction, but also by the strong willed and ambitious women in history. She brings together these two juxtaposing concepts of ambitions and destruction, and presents them through the use of lights.




Gülderen Depas imza